Build Your Own Wind Turbine

It isn’t hard or expensive to build a home wind turbine.With parts that can be ordered online, you can build a small windmill at your own home to help cut down on your energy expenses.

    So,Why should YOU Build Your Own Wind Turbine?

Save money - Cut down your electric bill and even sell power back to the grid.

Save even more money once you Do It Yourself. building your own wind turbine is a growing hobby that actually saves money. Find out HERE how to build a Homemade Wind Turbine and start saving money now! 

Becoming independent and self sufficient by providing your own private electricity.

Creating a healthier and cleaner environment for you and your family.


These eBooks will teach you how to build your own wind turbine All By Yourself in the easiest and cheapest way.

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Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Wind Power Guide

Build Your Own Wind Turbine

The Complete Wind Power ebook Guide


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A lot of people, when they think build wind turbine immediately think: “time to hire a contractor”.Well this is not the case. Even if you have limited technical ability, you’ll be able to follow the simple instructions provided with these home wind turbine kits, and build your own wind turbine with just basic tools that you won’t have trouble borrowing if you don’t already own.The pictures and diagrams that come with the kits will cover everything in your main question of how to build your own wind turbine.

Basically, you’ll build the main body of the turbine, you’ll mount it to the ground or to a building, and you’ll install the blades of the windmill to spin the device and gather energy. It’s important of course that you choose an area that gets a lot of wind, as the  homemade wind turbine won’t produce power while it sits idle in dead wind.

This energy you will get after you build your own wind turbine is clean energy that doesn’t pollute the environment to collect.The only thing you should consider is disrupting wildlife, so don’t build it near the nesting area of any large birds.